10 surprising reasons to love your mask

As the pandemic lingers on, and on, and on, the odds are you’ll be wearing a mask sometime, somewhere. Even if you’re a diehard anti-masker, you know you’re eventually going inside the grocery store or to visit your dentist. So whether you’re sporting a mask reluctantly or enthusiastically, you still know the drill.

Cover your nose, cover your mouth, and try not to choke on your own hot breath.

While it doesn’t take much effort to think about all the things that we loathe about our masks, I invite you to consider some of their lesser known benefits. If you can’t get behind the idea that wearing them could actually get us back to normal sooner, (remember normal?), then you can maybe embrace these perks.

  1. Masks are a shield against bad breath.
    This benefit goes both ways. Yes, we’re supposed to be socially distant, but let’s be honest. You have smelled terrible breath from six feet away. I’ll stop there.

  2. You can hide unsightly blemishes and unwanted hair with a mask.
    Don’t feel like shaving today? Wear your mask. Have a fresh crop of chin acne because your mask is also a portable petri dish? No problem. A mask is now the most effective concealer that money can buy.

  3. Masks help you avoid getting trapped in awkward conversations.
    You’ll get home from the grocery store in record time when you can quickly smile with your eyes and then dart away. What’s his name again? Who cares? I’ll never escape, she talks forever without taking a breath! Don’t panic. Your mask just saved the day.

  4. Wearing a mask is an amazing anti-aging technique.
    From the bridge of your nose down, your skin will enjoy extra protection from the elements and the sun. If mask wearing continues indefinitely, we could someday resemble Batman’s nemesis, Two-Face, but for now let’s call it face insurance.


    I spotted this booth in Hilton Head, S.C. in May. I thought it was ridiculous at the time. Little did I know that just a few months later, it would seem like a great idea.

  5. Masks are bringing sexy back to sewing.
    Men, women and children across the globe are learning and sharing a craft that is proving to be forever useful and in vogue. I personally can’t wait to see what the designers on Project Runway are going to do with pandemic fashion this season.

  6. Masks are the new “it” accessory.
    Speaking of the runway, be truthful with yourself. Unless you’re a supermodel, masks are probably the most avant-garde thing you’ll ever wear. You might as well have a little fun with your options. From floral to tie-dye to tartan to bedazzled, there’s a style for everyone.

  7. You can make a personal statement with your mask.
    Be it your politics, your faith, your team, or even your favorite Star Wars character, you can express yourself a little bolder behind a mask. It’s like a tiny billboard for your face. Introverts, this is your time. Now is your chance to say it, but just don’t spray it (sorry, I had to).

  8. Behind a mask, you can overcome your stage fright.
    If you’ve always wanted to try karaoke, public speaking, or stand-up comedy, a mask just might give you the courage to make a bold move. And if you bomb and realize your horrible mistake, just run away and no one will ever remember your terrified face.

  9. Masks can be creepy when needed.
    Listen up parents! You may need an extra layer of authority once the kids’ hybrid online and/or socially spaced school year begins. A little healthy fear can go a long way when you’re trying to get a teenager out of bed for his Zoom class OR make your first grader stop licking her face shield. Masks can also be loads of fun for intimidating your nosy neighbors, who may or may not be named Karen.

  10. Masks can make us friends again.
    On these insanely shifting sands in the world right now, we need some solid, common ground where we can stand together. When we’re all masked up and our eyes meet across a room or a parking lot, we no longer need to say a word. There is a telling look or a nod, and our eyes share a truth that our faces often fail to communicate. This great equalizer may leave us knowing our neighbor a little better, even if we never recognize them again.

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One thought on “10 surprising reasons to love your mask

  1. This is very appropriate for this day and time. It brought some good laughs and positive thoughts for having to wear those annoying masks.


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